Food Waste

Every year, an average family in UK lose about £470.00 in food waste. Food waste has an impact on the environment.  Taking one step towards food recycling will create a sustainable future.  Here are some of the ways I reduce food waste:

  • What is in the date of food – for unperishable foods it is “best before date “and for perishable products “use by date” which is all about safety and quality of the food.  I use these dates to plan my shopping and meals so that I maximise the use of my groceries whilst minimising throwing food into the bin, especially when I have saved money through bargains and promotions. I do recycle the foods with use by date before they expire by making other food products such as smoothies from fruits.
  • Waste no food- short video clips which makes us thinking about what we can do with food recycle take a moment and re-think the way you can reduce food waste.

It only takes a couple of steps to make huge change, lets join the movement of reducing food waste and saving the planet.

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