Food Preparation

Meal Planning

Appropriate nutrient intake is so important in maintaining good health.  Many people are trying to reduce fat, sugar and salt intake but preparing their meals from raw ingredients. Great idea, but the question is how do I know I am taking the right amount of nutrients? How can I calculate the number of calories I am taking from my meals prepared from home?

In order to have an idea of what nutrients are going into your meals, its starts with your shopping. When shopping choose foods products with traffics lights showing a lot more of the amber and green colours than red. This means that the nutrients are within the recommended ranges or just need to watch a bit on the quantities you will be consuming. More so, when cooking you can have a mix and match of ingredients.  For example, if you are going to have a pasta bake and the cheese has a lot of salt or fat it means that you can serve the pasta bake with vegetable salads and low fat meat as protein source. If cooking the meat, add very little salt to taste or nothing at all even you use spices which contain salt already.

Food Brookes has a meal planning tool which will help you to calculate the nutrients and calories per serving and also plan your weekly menus.  Send me an email for more details.