5 Tips to survive the snow storm

The Russian Beast and storm Emma have met in UK leaving a lot of vital facilities and services closed or with minimal services. It is important that you keep your family and yourself well hydrated and with regular meals. These few tips will help to brave the snow storm.

  • Stock enough of the perishables: The bad weather will affect the deliveries of most of the fruits and vegetables, milk and bread therefore make sure you have stock for 3 – 4 days. Be prepared to have limited or depleted amounts of these even after the snow has melted and things phasing back to normal.
  • Have regular cups of hot beverages to keep yourself hydrated and warm.
  • Plan meals for four days and shop the ingredients in advance.
  • Prepare hot meals all the time, essential for replenishing used up energy in trying to keep warm in very cold conditions.
  • Make sure all members of the family are having regular hot beverages and meals and snacking in between meals with high glycemic index food products.

Avoid travelling, unless absolutely necessary. Also check on your neighbours to find out if they are alright.

Burning a lot of calories to generate heat therefore more food is required to meet the demand. Stay safe!

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