Great Britain gets buried in unaccounted calories!

Today Public Health England has publicly admitted that most people in UK can not account of 50 % of the calories they consume on daily basis.  For those who have not managed to access the information follow this link.  There are several issues to this, but the most important of them all is that the consumers are not aware of available methods  and/ or tools to systematically account for their calorie intake. Not being able to account for up to 50 % of calorie intake is alarming which means in two days they can possibly store (if they are not physically active) an equivalent to their daily recommended intake of calories. The increasing rates of obesity across all genders and age groups in UK will need to be addressed therefore the guidelines promised by Public Health England should be published sooner than later. According to NHS figures almost 50 % of the population could be overweight or obese by 2050 which comes with consequences of diet induced cancers and metabolic syndromes. Most of the cancers are preventable through diet management and that can save lives and NHS billions of money.

There are tools to help with calorie counting but most people still need to have access to these or more also be educated on portion sizes.  Many of the Apps people use only tell them what they have eaten which has been purchased from the shop that is excluding what has been prepared from raw ingredients.  The calorie counting tools help to account for the calories from food shopping, preparation to consumption.  Therefore consumers become aware of their calories in the food at every stage of the process of nutrient intake. Ignorance can not be the problem of the 21st century when technology is in the palm of your hand 90 % of day’s activities. Dissemination of information should  be improved and save lives from the silent killers – cardiovascular diseases (stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure).

The “dark – web” of calorie intake is a bubble, which will burst soon with lots of consequences.



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